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Zamanta Archibold

Stretch, Breath, & Meditate Workshop
Greetings, I am a Panamanian, raised by a Trinidianian mom in Brooklyn. I started practicing yoga because of an injury I received while pursuing my Black Belt in Karate that was 2002. By 2009, I became an E-RYT yoga instructor full time and that has been my day job and life ever since. After teaching for over 10 years, I have learned the practice of Yoga is a link both physically and mentally. We want to create a “Happy Feeling” both inside and out. Yoga gives us the tools; we just need to learn how to apply them. So, let’s have fun with the body through movement, play with the breath through our energy flow and remove the clutter in our mind, allowing peace and happiness to thrive in our hearts. I look forward to seeing you on the mat at a workshop or retreat.