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Power Vinyasa for Life with 2 Girls Talk Yoga
Lara is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher, packaging/graphic designer, branding/presentation expert with a deep interest in fitness, wellness, speaking, writing, psychology and physics. Her combination of 16 years of experience in design, wellness and yoga allows her to understand and connect to the emotions and intellect of an audience seeking guidance and understanding in these areas. Her interest in yoga was sparked in 2003, practicing yoga as a way of managing stress and to encourage weight loss. What began as a physical practice, soon turned into a spiritual journey and a life changing experience. She lost 40lbs+ through Yoga, exercise and eating right. Yoga helped her constant back pain from scoliosis and sitting at a desk as well as gain confidence and self awareness. In 2013 she became certified to teach, taking a second training in 2016 including certification in Reiki 1 & 2, a healing technique delivered by transferring positive/healing energy through touch. Staying flexible, calm and dedicated to goals and creativity, Lara believes everyone can achieve what they set their hearts and minds to. Combing her entrepreneurship mindset with yoga, she has successfully built side businesses with teaching yoga, designing/wellness branding and writing. Her passion is to teach others what yoga can do for them utilizing a unique blend of Hatha yoga styles, Reiki, aromatherapy and guided meditation to guide students through challenging poses but also allow time to reflect and reconnect to themselves. This allows for a total mind/body connection. Her emphasis on alignment to avoid injury, is a top priority. She aims to deliver clear and concise instruction but allow intuition of movement to take place, a delicate balance.