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NueroScience of Yoga & Mindfulness
Hi, I am Sarah Smiles a passionate community member determined to share the ways we can all grow and win together as one within ourselves and our community using yoga & mindfulness as a tool. It all started In 2014, I fell in love with yoga and begun my practice at FAU, while studying my Bachelor's degree specializing in Neuroscience, Cognition and Psychology. I found the undeniable connection between our brain health and mindfulness through science research articles. My goal is to share yoga and Neuroscience with the yoga community, the youth, the elderly, the sick, the imprisoned and so much more. I love that yoga doesn't have to be all inversions and beautiful to make beautifully powerful changes in the brain and the lives of our community. Yoga is for everyone and as we make it more accessible, we are creating change that can be seen on FMRI's and within in the quality of life. I completed my 200YTT Teacher Training course at Aananada School of Yoga. Since then all I want to do is help build brains through yoga. Will you build with me.