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Hally has been an athlete her whole life, she then went on to pursue her goal of playing basketball and volleyball at a high collegiate level. Having excelled in any physical sports that she challenged herself to, her passion grew and grew over time. "I believe fitness is a way of life, it's practiced everyday and consistency is key. Living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating fitness will make your mind, body, and soul limitless. One of the reasons why I enjoy teaching is to help people achieve their personal goals by reaching their true potential at their own pace through dedication and had work. ""The lust for comfort, murders the passions of the soul."" You should always strive for more and keep working hard. No goal is unattainable in the fitness world and that's the positive attitude I reflect in my students. . Originally from Miami, she has experienced different training methods from gyms, studios, and trainers throughout florida and Las Vegas. She is currently a Co- founder of blissful energy yoga studio and hopes to share her teaching method and operating skills with the growing community at the studio!