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Budokon yoga class & Yoga for Digestion/Solar plexus
Budokon yoga class: Budokon is a search for balance and unification of opposite forces, the warrior and the peacemaker. Considered a science, art, and philosophy which synchronizes classical yoga with, martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion, and life science, this physically demanding style reshaped modern yoga by rejecting the qualities of a yogi as defined by the yoga sutras, in place of more contemporary constructs of morality, spirituality, and discipleship. The style was created as a conditioning practice for movers of all types seeking the highest level of agility, mobility, stamina, and strength.
Yoga for Digestion/Solar plexus: This workshop consists of various breathing practices to “stroke the fire within”, stimulating your metabolic rate. Then, adding movement to optimize digestion, helping you detox and increasing metabolism. Metabolism comes from the Greek root metabolismos which mean change. This transformative energy creates overall feelings of energy, mental clarity, strength, vitality, courage, and joy! This is slow paced but can be intence and should not be practiced by individuals with high blood preasure or pregnant.