Featured Teachers

avatar for Sam Grout

Sam Grout

Yoga Fun Day
Founder of Yoga Fun Day
avatar for Dr. Al Jameson, DC

Dr. Al Jameson, DC

Funcional Anatomy Guru
avatar for Adriana Anzola

Adriana Anzola

A Total Wellness
A Total Wellness Coach and Community Director
avatar for Rinah Karson

Rinah Karson

Movement Meditation Artist
avatar for George Love

George Love

Love Chinese Medicine
Love Chinese Medicine, Director
avatar for Darnelle Quinn

Darnelle Quinn

Love, Magic Vinyasa Flow & Mindful Vinyasa
avatar for Ellie Lawrence

Ellie Lawrence

AcroYoga & Gentle Yoga
avatar for Hally Linares

Hally Linares

Blissful energy
avatar for Allison


Blissful Energy


avatar for Barbara Alfonzo

Barbara Alfonzo

Healthy Sexy Green
Professional yoga teacher and health coach, movement artist,...
avatar for Zamanta Archibold

Zamanta Archibold

Stretch, Breath, & Meditate Workshop
avatar for Amy Beckler

Amy Beckler

Yoga Nidra/Hatha Yoga/Mindfulness Workshop
avatar for Heather Berg

Heather Berg

Hatha & Yin Yoga Yoga All Levels
avatar for Whitney Berra

Whitney Berra

Yoga Instructor - Casa Mannabliss
avatar for Anson Bingham

Anson Bingham

The Yoga Loft
International Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, DJ, Owner of...
avatar for Victoria Bronfman

Victoria Bronfman

avatar for Fred Cantor

Fred Cantor

Naada Yoga Teacher & Musician
avatar for Anya Castellano

Anya Castellano

Self Employed
Face Yoga & Blend of Sound alchemy with Crystal Singing bowls and...
avatar for Fern Conn

Fern Conn

Dancing Lion Studio
Brand Ambassador & Studio Owner-Dancing Lion Studio
avatar for Tyla Conn

Tyla Conn

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
avatar for Jill Cooperman

Jill Cooperman

To Breathe Deep
avatar for SHERYL CRUZ


Mindful Om Yoga
Vinyasa Flow all levels class
avatar for Ashley Eisenberg

Ashley Eisenberg

Yoga With Ashley Brooke
Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
avatar for Gabriela Fernandez

Gabriela Fernandez

Budokon yoga class & Yoga for Digestion/Solar plexus
avatar for Carolina Figares

Carolina Figares

ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher
avatar for Allison Ford

Allison Ford

Allison Ford Speaks
Yonce Teacher (Yoga+Dance)
avatar for Danielle Freeman

Danielle Freeman

Acro Flow Yoga-All Levels
avatar for Armando Garcia

Armando Garcia

Slackline Instructor
avatar for Grace Geller

Grace Geller

Imagine Wellness
Kundalini Yoga with Gong and Meditation
avatar for Randa Gozum

Randa Gozum

Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga - All Levels
avatar for Alyssa Gruber

Alyssa Gruber

Ales & Asanas / Happy Hour Beer Yoga
avatar for Michele Guess

Michele Guess

Flying Beach Yoga
avatar for Suzanne Gundersen

Suzanne Gundersen

Transformed Connections
Holistic Stress Relief Mentor
avatar for Marjorie Hacker

Marjorie Hacker

Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
avatar for azgari hasin

azgari hasin

Kids hatha yoga & Ayurvedic natural detoxification and spices as...
avatar for April Klimkiewicz

April Klimkiewicz

Bliss Evolution
Hatha Yoga
avatar for Tracie Kurland

Tracie Kurland

Yoga by Tracie Yoga Instructor
avatar for Holly Landau

Holly Landau

The Relaxation Retreat
Meditation Coach
avatar for Dennis & Kathy Lang

Dennis & Kathy Lang

Yin Yoga with Live Music
avatar for Lauren Loparo

Lauren Loparo

Expand Thai Massage
Yin Thai with Carol Figares
avatar for Pedro Luna

Pedro Luna

Vinyasa Yoga With Live Music at Colony Yoga
avatar for Angela McCaslin

Angela McCaslin

The Yoga Loft
Certified Yoga Teacher, Owner of The Yoga Loft, Owner of Global Yoga...
avatar for Felice Minkin

Felice Minkin

Casa Mannabliss
Yoga/Meditation Teacher / Casa Mannabliss, Owner
avatar for Anny Noratto

Anny Noratto

Chakra Based Vinyasa flow
avatar for Catherine Payne

Catherine Payne

Acro Yoga Teacher
avatar for Jeffrey Rich

Jeffrey Rich

Laughter Yoga With Jeff
avatar for Genevieve Rivera

Genevieve Rivera

Yoga Instructor - Casa Mannabliss
avatar for Andrea Sarcos

Andrea Sarcos

Andrea Sarcos LLC
Slackline Secrets: Balance and Breath
avatar for Shelly Saunier

Shelly Saunier

Intuitive Healing Yin with Crystal Singing Bowls
avatar for Sarah Seidle

Sarah Seidle

NueroScience of Yoga & Mindfulness
avatar for Amy Shine

Amy Shine

Shine Movements
Ecstatic Dance & Access Consciousness Facilitator
avatar for Robert Sinn

Robert Sinn

Acro Yoga
avatar for Evelyn Sutton

Evelyn Sutton

Kala Yoga Studio
Vinyasa Flow & Dance / Guided Mindfulness Meditation
avatar for Jennifer Tiplon

Jennifer Tiplon

Fitness and Movement
avatar for Laura Villalba

Laura Villalba

Acro Yoga Teacher
avatar for Little Buddhas yoga

Little Buddhas yoga

Little Buddhas Yoga
Little Buddhas yoga
avatar for Cortney Zdanowicz

Cortney Zdanowicz

Sand Angel Yoga
Beach yoga & Yoga 101: Back to Basics workshop